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As Past President of the New York Tri-State Chapter, my goal is to help you refine your image, giving you the look you need for the success you deserve! Maybe you need a new wardrobe, or want help weeding out your old one. Maybe you want to learn about which colors work best for you, or what outfit you should wear to that important interview.  Join me! At a time where clothes make the man (or woman), we can help you make choices that make sense for you, your workplace, home, travel, and your budget!

I offer private one-on-one consultations, group and school presentations, and small in-house classes. I teach social and leadership skills, allowing you to accelerate your career and meet with success in both your business and personal life! My approach is tailored to the individual, seeking to maximize the assets of each of my clients and help them attain their unique goals.  Let me help you identify your dream—and then get you there faster.                 
Below are a list of topics to discuss—either in a private consultation or in a larger group setting. For more information, see my contact page!


Curvy Travel
Pack your bags and travel with me on a cruise to Cozumel December 10-14, 2015, and April in Paris, April 24, 2016.  You Go Girls Travel has partnered with me and put together an amazing, fun, stylish trip for us curvy ladies.   Find the plus size fashion in Paris and shop, shop, shop!  We've scoped out the best places!  Call Marcia at You Go Girls Travel to register! 

Classes and Consultations

Three classes for:

Young girls/boys  2 - 11
Tweens/Teens 12 - 18
Moms/adults/grownups - any age

will enjoy learning all about modeling and good manners in public, at home, at a party and life in general.  Course highlights include:

How to model, who to call, what to say, where to go
Fun on the runway, walking, sitting, standing, posing

Setting a basic table
Communicating, interview skills
First impressions basics
Self esteem fun

If you're a mom/adult/grownup, have you ever wanted to take the classes your girls take and learn the basics!  You'll love this class!


Life After 50?

I've lived my life knowing that the last half would be even better. At 67, I've attained more than I ever dreamed I could. And, as wonderful as it has been, the future holds even more. You've heard the saying, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings." Well, this fat lady is still singing and somehow it's still not over—the best is yet to come!

One of my clients had been divorced for over 25 years. After working with me, he said that in all his years as a single man, no woman had ever told him the things I did about his image and how to buy clothes that fit and flatter him. When he went back to his Florida home, he called to tell me that everyone raved about how he was the best dressed man there. (A tip that helped him: don't wear shin-length white socks with sandals.  Oh, no, no, no!)

In this motivational workshop I'll show you how to overcome personal struggles, change careers at any age, and move to NYC or anywhere else and thrive!

There is a whole new life ahead for you. Let me work my magic to get you into a position to proceed head on into your destiny no matter what age you are right now.

Fit Me Right, Fit Me Now! Your Shape and Your Perfect Fit

Which fit makes you look your best? Emphasis your best features and diminish your "problem" areas to look fabulous!

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends (more later)
Lace, Bold Velvet in Everything!

What are the rules that every guy and girl should know about dressing themselves in 2017?
Find out the essential dos and don'ts before you walk out the door!

Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear?
Feeling lost? I'll teach you how to build a better, tighter wardrobe, using 3 rules you never thought of! Take the guesswork out of wardrobe editing! Identify current trends and choose basic pieces and accessories that work for your shape and schedule.

Accessory FUNdamentals
What are the hottest new accessories? What to buy and how to wear them!

Traveling - What and How to Pack

Not every trip is alike! Learn how to pack the essentials for any trip, anywhere.
Find out what works for you and (almost) never overpack again. . .

Customize Your Colors
Do the colors you wear say what you want them to say about you? What are your best colors? Learn how to be in charge of your palette, make great color choices, and discover how different colors affect you and others.

Modeling: Runway, Fit, and Print Basics

Learn the basics of modeling for runway, fit, and print! How to become a model, find a "good" agency, photographer.  Learn walking, posing, entering for a great first impression.odels and non-models alike can always use a little help presenting your best face (and body) to the world.

The Shape of You to Come - Shapewear for Today

Not all shapewear enhances every body.  Find out which shape is best for you and the fashion you should be wearing right now.

Dating again?
Take the mystery out of the dating process! Find out how your image affects what you want and how to get it, regardless of your age! Times have changed—let's explore the new dating rules and learn what to watch out for and how to find love.


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