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About Fit Modeling

Every season, stores decide what they want to sell in the upcoming season. Their buyers, designers, and key officers scout Europe, Los Angeles, and NY for the newest styles, colors, and images. They buy garments (often big name designers'), bring them back, and have them made to fit on a "fit model," who represents the perfect standard size for their companies.  More on this later. . .

A fit model who is the standard size and has technical knowledge as well will be in demand in the industry. A good fit model will understand the details of patterns, technical language, and computer skills, and moreover be able to communicate that knowledge to the technical team. The best fit models save their companies time and money by expediting the process by which the team tailors the specifications of the garment in such a way that it will fit the general population.

Do you have what it takes to be a fit model?

Are you proportionate and average height?  You could join the specialized field of fit modeling. 
Fit modeling is a competitive and highly desirable niche of the fashion industry. Unlike many models, fit models have the enviable perk of regular, steady work. Most successful models make $250 an hour and $175 a half hour, $2,500 a day.

If you are interested, measure yourself according to the chart below and contact me for further information and classes.

I also train runway and print models.

Nordstrom Plus Size Fitting Video

Nordstrom has a great video with very informative advice on how to buy clothes that fit according to your measurements. The video is professional and easy to understand. Nordstrom gives bonus info on their website by offering details about sizing. When you click on the garment you want, there is info on inseam, rises and suggestions as to which of your measurements to use to choose your best size. Click the link below to watch the video!

Nordstrom Plus Size Fitting Guide

1. Take your bust, waist and hip measurements.

2. Choose the garment you like.

3. Look at the sizing guide on the page and find your size according to your measurements.

4. Nordstrom has particular advice on fitting each garment. For example: if a shirt has a fitted bust, they may suggest that you choose the shirt according to your bust measurement. If a garment runs a little large, they will suggest you go down a size. If you are choosing a pant, the rises and inseam are listed.

5. Choose your garment to fit your largest measurement and

6. Find a great tailor. I don’t know why more of us don’t. For men, it’s a fact of life.

Enjoy. Nordstrom is making life easier for us to find great style and fit!

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